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What Happens When You Default On Your Merchant Cash Advance?


You've started missing your payments.

Your business can no longer afford to keep up with your MCA payments.

You’ve called your MCA company asking for a reduction or a temporary freeze on the payments that keep draining your business’s bank account.

You constantly check your bank account balance online only to find numerous overdraft fees.

You know your MCA company is adding late fees to the balance of your loan, but you have no idea how much that is or how much you still owe.

You ask the bank to block the payments coming out of your business bank account to be able to pay your other bills and keep your business going.

You’re getting bombarded with phone calls from your MCA Company asking for payment.


Then...after this whirl wind of activity and harassing phone calls from your MCA company...

Everything goes silent.

And while you feel temporarily relief…you know in the back of your mind that the MCA company is going to come for their money.

Days go by, weeks...and you hear nothing…


And then...You get served.

Your MCA company filed a collection lawsuit against you in the State of New York.

They filed a lawsuit for the remainder of the amount you owe AND have added to your balance weeks' worth of late fees, loan default fees and a substantial 25-30% in legal fees. Erasing almost all the progress you made paying down the loan. 


You now have 30 days to file an answer to the lawsuit to preserve your rights and avoid getting a default judgement filed against you. And you must file your answer with the court in the State of New York with a New York bared attorney. 


When you agreed to let the MCA company purchase your future accounts receivable at a discount they secured your loan with your personal guarantee. You gave them access to your businesses operating bank account. You were so excited to get that cash infusion that you signed the agreement without really understanding what you agreed to. The agreement states they have the ability to place a UCC-1 lien against everything in your business and go after everything you own personally should you default. Not only that but when you applied for your MCA you gave them 3-4 months of bank statements that show them everybody you do business with. Little did you know that as soon as they funded you, they immediately filed that UCC-1 lien against you.   


Now you have 30 days to file an answer with the court to preserve your rights and save your business from getting a default judgement filed against you.

Should they get a judgement they will be able to domesticate the ruling in your state and enforce that judgement. Once they have a judgement they will and do go after your livelihood including your business and personal bank accounts, they will contact the people you do business with and demand payment from them for your default simultaneously damaging your reputation you worked so hard to build. The sheriff can come to your home and take your possessions. All the time you're asking yourself...why did I take their money. These are just some of the stories that we hear every day about the Merchant Cash Advance lending industry.

If you're reading this...and this, is you. It's never too late. We at MCA Resolve at First Choice Capital Partners have the ability that no matter what stage of the lawsuit you're at...we can reverse the damage...get your lawsuit out of the court system, bring your current with a payment you can afford.


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